Lewandowski extends the validity of measures to deal with the epidemic

Lewandowski extends the validity of measures to deal with the epidemic

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Ricardo Lewandowski welcomed the network’s request and extended the validity of measures to combat the epidemic, whose deadline expires tomorrow, 31 December.

One of the measures is to authorize the investigator in an “extraordinary and temporary” manner within 72 hours of the importation and distribution of vaccines against Kovid-19, approved in agencies in the United States, Europe, China or Japan Chance.

Other measures, legislation to combat the epidemic, include isolation, quarantine, prohibition of locomotion, as well as the possibility of mandatory medical examinations, laboratory tests, collection of clinical specimens and vaccination.

Validity will expire tomorrow as the law cites a decree that ends the state of public disaster by December 31, 2020. The date, according to Lewodowski, was set “purely for financial purposes”.

Now, the validity will last as long as Congress determines the bills are already in process and still pending approval.

In the specific, uncertain and short-term decisions of this procedural phase, it cannot be excluded, the real intention of legislators is to maintain extraordinary prophylactic and therapeutic measures, to remove that time, to remove that extraordinary diploma. Are required. The most important phase of the epidemic, even because at the time of its version they were not able to overcome the astonishing persistence and malignancy of the disease. “Written in judgment.

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