Lisa Su talks about RDNA 3 and Zen 4, promising highly competitive products

Lisa Su talks about RDNA 3 and Zen 4, promising highly competitive products

The CEO held a press conference, which talked about the development of microarchitecture

Substance. Lisa Su, CEO Yes AMD, Gave a press conference for some of the main international technology and hardware sites. The President talked about the development of Zero Zen 4. Also, he gave some details Performance of RDNA 3. In general, there were not many details. Big promise was to be presented Highly competitive product In the following years.

This interview was in “round table” format. Contrary to what is already common, the company requested that the sites virtually send in no reply to the CEO. The reason for this restriction is not fully explained.

Start talking about Zen 4, AMD The plans Migrate to AM5 Platform. The President confirmed that the company is working to introduce the new DDR5 and USB 4.0 protocol. Another attraction is the fact that the next architecture is competition with competitors.

According to Lisa Su, the current goal of Zen 4 is to become “Very competitive among competing products and improving many CPI”. It is expected that the company is already known with the Zen3. Instead of making big changes, small changes are made, which improves many factors.

Architecture 86, For example, provides very little room for improvement. Despite this, when progress is made at strategic points, significant improvements are possible. As already seen 19% improvement in Zen3 IPC, In relation to the Zen2 core.

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Although Lisa Su does not confirm, it is possible that even more cores will be added. This is because it is mentioned earlier that the company aims to bring lithography 5nm from TSMC partner. There may be more CCX / CCD core division.

With the progress of RDNA 3, the company has plans to introduce an architecture High performance per watt. This is also a well-known strategy for the company. AMD has improved the performance of RDNA 2 per watt over RDNA and is expected to move forward with the next generation.

RDNA3 should offer to further upgrade the efficiency of the architecture. Maybe the company says that it is highly competitive. Improving performance can make the company an extra attraction compared to competitors.

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A possible release date has not yet been mentioned. Despite this, some speculation suggests that the Zen 4 should not be officially introduced later by AMD December 2021. This information requires company confirmation.

Via: TechPowerUp, Anadtech

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