Lockdown protests attract single protestors in New Zealand World

Lockdown protests attract single protestors in New Zealand  World

Only one person appeared to protest Auckland lockdown New Zealand, following an online call this Friday (27). The man was persuaded by the police to go home and follow government rules after the country reported its first local COVID infection case in six months.

According to the New Zealand website Newshub, police saw the call for the protest on an Instagram profile asking people to go to Queen Street, claiming that “this is more than enough”.

However, the owners of the profile said that they were not the authors and were merely forwarding the text without knowing the initial source.

The publication accused the Prime Minister of the country, Jacinda ArdernDespite “destroying the economy” and “destroying jobs”, the unemployment rate in New Zealand has fallen by 4 percent over the past four months and, despite recovering from previous lockdowns with results above estimates, is still on newshub. According to.

“Police have come to know about the discussion on social media regarding the lockdown protest at Queen Street in Auckland this afternoon. Police was in the area and spoke to a person who had come with the intention of joining the protest. A statement from the local police said the man was encouraged to comply with the fourth level of alert restrictions and made the decision to leave.

Ardern announced that 70 new cases related to Auckland’s initial focus were recorded this Friday, bringing the number of infected to 347. According to the Prime Minister, the lockdown has already started to show the first results. “We are seeing the beginning of a stagnation of cases (…) Our task is to continue this difficult effort,” he declared.

From next week, the government is easing measures across the country slightly, except for the city of Auckland and the neighboring region of Northland, which focus on almost all cases. These places should be confined for at least two more weeks.

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