Locked iPhone can also be tracked; Understand iOS 15 Functions | cell phone

Locked iPhone can also be tracked;  Understand iOS 15 Functions |  cell phone

hey iOS 15 expanded the localization capability of iPhone via app Searchenable tracking even if the cell phone is turned off. This feature is useful for finding lost smartphones or smartphones that have been stolen and locked by thieves. This is because the Device ID is available for a few hours even after the battery is discharged.

Tracking uses Ultra Wideband technology (UWB) current number chip U1 gives Apple. The system basically works like this: The iPhone, even turned off, stays in low power consumption mode and sends signals via Bluetooth to nearby devices, which can be lost or stolen. Communicates with the Internet to identify the device. Technology turns cell phones into one of a kind airtag, sending the location of the device iCloud.

The iPhone 13 Pro is one of the Apple cell phones that can also be found discontinued. — Photo: Reproduction/Apple

UWB is present on Apple devices launched in 2019, with the exception of iphone se 2020, who doesn’t have this technology. The following models are supported:

How to activate the search feature

Here’s how to turn on Search Network to track iPhone, even if it’s off

Step 1. Open iPhone “Settings” and tap on its name to open Apple ID.

The “Find iPhone” section is located within Apple ID in iOS Settings – Photo: Playback/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 2. Tap on “Search” and go to “Search iPhone”.

Accessing the search iPhone in mobile settings — Photo: Playback/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 3. Activate the “Search app network” switch and enable “Send last location”.

The Search App Network allows you to find the iPhone even when the device is turned off – Photo: Playback / Rodrigo Fernandes

Once it’s done, you’ll have a few hours to find your iPhone, as it uses battery backup to take up space. Remember that it is important to exercise caution when looking for a stolen phone: the best option in these cases is to always seek the competent authority.

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