Look at China, thank Taiwan for ‘friends in India’ | India News

Look at China, thank Taiwan for 'friends in India' |  India News
New Delhi: China in another red rag, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen Thanked “Dear Friends in India” for their good wishes on Taiwan’s National Day on Sunday. Although no government official has officially expressed support for Taiwan, social media has in recent days been flooded with messages expressing solidarity with Taiwan, which China sees as a breakaway province. India PLA on time With closed in a military barrier.
“Thank you to all our dear friends in India for the happy National Day of Taiwan. Together, we can take pride in our common values, such as freedom and protection Human rights, And protect our democratic life. Hello, ”tweeted the President. The leader’s quote, which seems harsh on China, indicated a lack of these qualities on the mainland.

The president’s remarks are the latest in a string of statements by Taiwanese leaders who have provoked the Chinese embassy here because they believe the island is trying to exploit anti-China sentiment in India. The embassy has repeatedly sent reminders that no one should work to dilute the issue, stating that India’s acceptance of the “one-China” policy and warning Taiwan that it would Should not be involved in any “political manipulation”.

The embassy warned of Taiwan’s orders Democratic Progressive Party On Saturday, he said he could not change the fact that Taiwan was an integral part of China, adding that any attempt to engage in political manipulation and separatist activities to build “Taiwan’s independence” would be an end in itself. Committed to the protection of sovereignty. And consistency.
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