Lula goes to Europe because she can’t take to the streets in Brazil, says Ana Paula

The former president begins a two-week tour of Europe this Thursday; ‘Os Pingos Knows Is’ Commented

Claudia Martini/Framing/Estado Materials – 06/12/2021Former President Lula went to Europe for a round of meetings

former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) The two-week journey began this Thursday, through 11 Europe, The politicians will visit Germany, Belgium, France and Spain. This afternoon he was in Berlin for a round of meetings. “Already on European soil for a variety of engagements in the coming days. On the agenda: dialogue through Germany, Belgium, France and Spain. We started today with in-depth meetings in Berlin. Another Brazil is possible. And let’s remind the world of that,” Lula wrote on social media. According to a column by Lauro Jardim from the newspaper O Globo, the former president traveled with four advisers and three security guards.

Anna Paula Henkel, Program Commentator”Is. drops on“, gives young pan news, said that Lula went to Europe because he could not take to the streets of Brazil without provocation or criticism. “TeaIn which to leave Brazil. He has to travel to Europe to campaign for PT voters in Brazil. “For Take Lula or Sergio Moro seriously, in the 2022 political landscape, Lula has to hit the streets and Moro has to start responding to the STF’s unconstitutionality as a former judge. While it doesn’t happen, you can’t take either of them seriously”, he said.

Watch the full program “Os Pingos Knows Is” this Thursday, 11:

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