Madrid falls and experiences emergency with the blizzard of the century

Madrid falls and experiences emergency with the blizzard of the century

The region of Spain as Spain and Portugal have rarely encountered a cold wave in the history of the two countries with the amount of snow that had not been recorded for half a century and minimum in the polar regions. This Saturday of Madrid is historic and impressive with 50 to 70 cm of snow in some places.

Philomena cooled by the storm and the stem of snow which brought snow and caused a drop in temperature from the beginning of the week. The Spanish Meteorological Agency (Emmet) issued a red alert for areas in Madrid, Guadalajara, Quenca, Albacete, Toledo and Valencia.

The Meteorological Institute in the region forecast that 20 cm of snow will accumulate in 24 hours. In some parts of the country, such as the Ebro Valley, snow can reach up to half a meter.

With alerts for more than half the country snow on Friday and Saturday, the weather agency AEMET described the situation as “extraordinary” and “probably historic”.

The Philomena storm became a nightmare for hundreds of civilians stranded during Friday night and began on Saturday morning as the center of Madrid’s collapse on Spanish roads.

In the capital, blocked by snow, the public bus service does not work, garbage collection has been suspended and Mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Alameda has told the population not to leave their homes. Alameda does not know when it will be possible to save those who are blocked because time, he warns, will not improve in the next few hours. Hundreds of people are trapped in their cars on the streets and streets of Madrid. Local officials ask for help from the army.

The largest blizzard in the last 40 or 50 years – and which some local meteorologists say is the largest since 1904 – offered unrealistic pictures, with a person driving a sled road like a dog, Puerta del Sol And the skiers at Gran Via or the ball at War Callao, but also dangerous, were locked in their cars by thousands who had to be rescued by the military.

An (unofficial) weather station at Clot del Tuc de la Llanca in Alto Pirineau Natural Park in Catalonia, Catalonia, recorded (-34.1) C. In Meteorology the mark was spotted by “Project 4 Guess”, a group of fans.

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The weather station is located in a ski resort. Clot del Tuc de la Llança is located at an altitude of 2,305 meters. Elsewhere, the minimum temperature value was recorded at -27.2, C la Vasequilla, -25.7 ºC in Leordes and -22.3 inC Vega Vega Coderno.

On Thursday, the Northwest Peninsular Meteorological Association’s station at Vega de Leordes (Leon) was -35 ° C. According to information from the Spanish press, this record may have been the lowest in Spain since 1956, that year — 32 EstC was recorded at Aston Ganto (a glacier lake), in Vor Fosca, Torre Cabadella Was in the Spanish municipality.


In Portugal, Hurricane Philomena caused problems in the Madeira Islands when it was at sea. The country is not as tough as Spain, but is facing very cold with frost, snow, cold. This weekend there is a trend for snow in part of Portugal, most notably in Alentezzo.

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