Malta will pay tourists to visit the island this summer

Malta will pay tourists to visit the island this summer

One of the countries that will accept visitors who are vaccinated, Malta is offering money to whoever wants to archipelago their destination this summer – that’s what you’re thinking, being paid to travel.

The proposal was announced with the aim of boosting the economy of the Paradisial location, which provides tourists with exposure to nature and a lot of history – the region was once occupied by the Phoenicians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Spain, French, Italians And was related to (whew). !), British people.

According to the official statement, the Malta Tourism Authority will pay every visitor who booking a three-night stay at the hotels selected by the action, which consists of three to five stars.

Residents in a five-star property receive 100 euros (about $ 680). Guests staying in four-star facilities earn 75 euros (R $ 511) and three-star guests 50 euros (R $ 340). The value is distributed to each person.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Malta

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Those visiting the island of Gozo, known for the Neolithic Gorgeja temple, as well as the ruins of beaches and diving sites, will receive an additional 10%.

Dependent on tourism

To implement the plan, the country invested $ 4.1 million. It is expected to attract 35,000 visitors by 1 June, when the epidemic-imposed restrictions should be made more flexible for tourism.

In 2019, the island welcomed 2.7 million people in the Mediterranean Sea between the coast of Sicily and North Africa. According to Reuters, the number of tourists in the epidemic has dropped by 80%.

According to data from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, there have been 29,614 deaths since the onset of the pandemic and 402 since the onset of the pandemic. The rate of vaccinated adults is the highest in the European Union, with 42% receiving at least the first dose.

To know how to apply Access official website.

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