Mampituba Björn Borg, one of the great legends of world tennis

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The former tennis player was presented by the club and the courts had an eternal image in art

A five-time champion of the Wimbledon tournament, in the United Kingdom, a six-time champion of the Roland-Garros tournament, in France, and between 1979 and 1980 became number one in the world tennis rankings. These are just some of the achievements of the former professional. Tennis Player Björn Borg. The Sved is in Criciúma and was honored at the Socied Recreative Mampituba on the night of this Tuesday, 2nd.

He and his family are in town because his son, Leo Borg17, is one of the athletes competing in the 51st edition of the Banana Bowl. Considered the largest tennis tournament for children and teenagers in Latin America and one of the five biggest players in the world, the competition will take place in Mampituba by Friday the next Friday, the 5th.

Björn Borg was welcomed by the club’s administrative chairman, Adezio Luiz Carminati, By the administrative vice president, Larcey Antonio Fabis, Vice president of finance, Sidini Jose PachecoApart from the President of the Caterinance Tennis Federation (FCT), Alexandre Farias. The former tennis player received a plaque congratulating him for the legacy left behind in the history of world tennis, one of its biggest exponents, and also a kit with gifts from Mampituba.

“It is a matter of great pride and honor to be able to get a reference in sports as Björn Borg. He is the greatest tennis player in the world, having gone for Krikuyama, he was number one and champion in the 11th Grand Slam tournament in the world. We also came to know that he praised the club’s structure, hospitality, so we are very proud to welcome him.

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Swayed was also immortalized on the tennis court wall of the socalled recurrence Miwituba. At the invitation of the club, the visual artist Ricardo Herouk Made a mural in which he portrays Brazil Gustavo Cuerton, Björn Borg, the Spanish Rafael Nadal And swiss Roger Federer Significant achievements in their respective careers.

Expectations for a banana bowl

The Borg family’s expectations regarding the Banana Bowl are very positive, especially because young Leo comes from a recent win: He was the champion in the 18-year category of last weekend’s Brasil Juniors Cup. The tournament took place in Porto Alegre (RS).

“The banana bowl is one of the largest youth tournaments in the world. We are very happy to be here. Especially after last week, when they won in Porto Alegre. Here in Brazil, looking forward to another wonderful week ”, the glorious father said.

Björn Borg’s son Leo Borg, playing in Banana Bowl 2021 – Photo: Luiz Candido / CBT

Apart from motivating his son, he is also an inspiration to many other young tennis players who aspire to careers with great achievements. To encourage him, 64-year-old Björn Borg said, “Don’t forget that your dreams can be achieved with hard work and a big heart for tennis. Good luck to all future tennis players”.

More about Banana Bowl

The tournament follows strict protocols. In addition to complying with the provisions of the International Tennis Federation, a series of restrictive measures are adopted, such as controlled access to the club, temperature measurement, organizing matches without the presence of external spectators, limiting the number of attendees of the club, Making alcohol available gels, among others, continuous sanitation of areas of common use.

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The Banana Bowl is organized by the Brazilian Tennis Confederation and the Santa Catarina Tennis Federation, with the support of the municipality of Criciauma. The tournament is sponsored by the South American Tennis Federation (COSAT) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Sponsorship by BRB – Banco de Brasilia (master sponsor of tennis in Brazil), Wilson, WA Sport, La Pastina, Hotel Interclass and Santagua Santa Rita.

Collaboration: Vanessa Amando / SR Mampituba Communications

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