Man adopts exotic lifestyle and starts eating raw animal testicles

Homem adota estilo de vida exótico e passa a comer testículo cru de animais

American businessman Brian Johnson, together with his family, decided to radically change his life. After a severe case of allergies in two of his children, he decided to adopt a caveman-like lifestyle with a somewhat exotic diet.

“My wife and I were determined to face the cause of the problem and we didn’t want to test our luck again. We had already tried everything and that’s when our journey began”, Johnson said, Those who cut down on their consumption of processed foods and started eating fruits, vegetables and animal parts.

Although animal protein is consumed by many people around the world, Johnson’s family has decided to consume parts that are not so popular among people, such as the testicles of the animals he hunts.

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Johnson and his family also eat the liver and marrow of the animals the businessman hunts. And everything is eaten raw. According to him, social norms are just norms, and the important thing is to step out of the comfort zone.

On social media, Johnson is referred to as the “Liver King” (King of the liver, in free translation). In addition to eating, the family also changed other habits, such as getting more exercise, taking ice baths, and getting more sun.

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