Man attacks airport staff in England during boarding; Video

Man attacks airport staff in England during boarding;  Video

A man assaults two employees at Bristol Airport in southwest England after boarding problems. In the video, a tourist waiting for his flight to Alicante, Spain, pushed his wife and walked towards two employees of the place, one of whom was having an argument with her.

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In a statement, an airport spokesperson said “antisocial, violent or threatening behavior will not be accepted by Bristol Airport or the airlines” and “although these incidents are rare, we take them very seriously and any Will fully support the investigation. Policemen.”.

The matter dates back to the 17th, when there was confusion during the boarding of the couple. Footage shows the woman complaining to an airport employee, while her partner looks after her and another employee tries to stop her.

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However, at a certain moment, the passenger pushes off his own mate and leaves towards the staff, hitting the first with a punch, which lands him. Then he will attack the other, while the others present there will observe the situation.

The passenger returns after the wife, while another passenger holds the employee. Before the confusion went away, the woman chased him with some cursing.

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