Man Builds Huge Power Bank With Charge For 5,000 Cell Phones room

Man Builds Huge Power Bank With Charge For 5,000 Cell Phones  room

power Bank, a battery-powered device that allows you to recharge other devices, is ideal for keeping a cell phone on all day. Frustrated with having a device with less capacity than his friends, video presenter Handy Geng created the world’s largest power bank. Invention can charge 5,000 smartphones with 3,000 mAh battery – Estimated Capacity iphone 13for example.

Dubbed the “Super Large Mega Power Bank” – something like a “Super Mega Mega Power Bank” –, the accessory replaces the 900 full-size chargers. Its power is an absurd 27 million mAh. By comparison, an excellent power bank nowadays has 20.000 mAh,

Handy Geng (Not That) Portable Supercharger — Photo: Playback/Handy Gang

In this way, the Chinese can charge the device from a laptop to an electric bicycle, as well as turn on the TV and washing machine in a remote location, as they demonstrated in a video.

In a do-it-yourself style, the video shows Handy Geng building his invention from scratch, from installing a powerful Bosch battery (like the ones in a car) to finishing it with a similar design. ipod Nano, The accessory comes equipped with a few switches and no less than 60 outlets, so you don’t miss the chance to charge multiple devices at once.

Watch full video of Handy Gang

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