Man buys PlayStation 5 (PS5) on the Internet and receives a bag of rice. Video game

Man buys PlayStation 5 (PS5) on the Internet and receives a bag of rice.  Video game

rank of reddit Initially met with humor, as one user posted: “At least your Christmas won’t be out of rice,” but Juislon added heroine He demanded that Rice be sent back to ensure that he received a refund of the money he paid for the console. Another user took the joke further and created a thread: “Bought a bag of rice and got a PlayStation 5”. However, the victim commented that his Christmas was ruined by exchanging the products.

During the launch of PlayStation 5, cases were even more common and people received cans of cat food, air fryers, and bags of rice in place of their consoles, which were bought from here. heroine, In November 2020, a woman from Oxfordshire, UK, filming a UK driver on her security camera. The same company is reportedly stealing video games that will be their son’s birthday present. At the time, the store said it would investigate the matter.

playstation 5 and xbox series x The shortage of chips has led to short supply in stores, a result of the difficulty of manufacturing during the pandemic period. Some of the video game units that make it to the store are often obtained by bots or purchased by users who wish to resell them at higher prices. According to Sony I Microsoft, a Console shortages expected to continue into 2022, because there is no estimate of production to supply demand.

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