Man detonates $270 thousand worth of dynamite in a car, so he doesn’t need to replace the battery; Watch

Man detonates $270 thousand worth of dynamite in a car, so he doesn't need to replace the battery;  Watch

Published 12/24/2021 at 6:44 pm – Updated at 7:00 pm illustrative editorial department

When Tumas Catanan was told he would need to replace the entire battery of his 2013 Tesla Model S—just like a dog caught driving alone—he hesitated. The replacement would require authorization from Elon Musk’s own company and would cost the equivalent of R$145,124.

To give you an idea, a used car of the same model costs around R$269,700 in your country, Finland, around R$269,700. He could have fixed the vehicle and kept the gap, but Catanon’s vehicle had been in repair for a month, and his patience ran out.

The man found that the car was not to be repaired or sold to pay, but to be destroyed with dynamite. Finn got help from a group of youtubers specializing in detonating objects, and they recorded the whole process.


In a video available with English subtitles on YouTube, Tuomas says: “When I bought that Tesla, the first 1,500km were good, so far it was an excellent car.” But then the problems began, and he had to call in a winch to fix the machine.

“So the car stayed at a Tesla dealership for about a month until I got a call and said they couldn’t do anything to my car, the only option was to replace the entire battery cell,” he explains. The man continues with a smile, “So I told him, ‘I’m going to get a Tesla.’ And now I’m gonna blow up the whole car.”


The explosion was prepared at night, in an open field covered with snow, next to a rock that would absorb part of the impact. For this work 30 kg of dynamite was used, which was attached with tape to the right side of the car.

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The entire destruction was recorded in high resolution, and has been viewed by over 2.8 million people on YouTube. After the car was gutted, Finn confessed, “I’ve never had so much fun with a Tesla!”

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