Man Flying appears on the skateboard in Back to the Future; Eye

Man Flying appears on the skateboard in Back to the Future;  Eye

Have you ever imagined flying a skateboard in the middle of the city, like Marty McFly “Back to future 2“? A man was spotted” floating “on an American street Social Networks, Showing that this is not such a distant dream.

The video, which has been posted on Twitter with the caption “This man is living in 2030!”, Has no particular effect. The man is actually standing on a drone.

Others commented that the object on which the man is floating resembles the flying board of the villain Duande Verde, movie “Spider-Man” from 2002.

On Twitter, the person posting the video clarifies: This is the drone, the product of a technology company called Omni Hoverboard.

On its website, the company makes it clear that its purpose is to take the right hoverboard from the imagination and bring it to reality, allowing them to fly with the propulsion of eight propellers.

So far, the longest flight on the Omni hoverboard has been 275.9 meters, an institution registered by Guinness, which produces the so-called “record book”.

In this video, it is possible to see how a person manages to reach heights above several trees with a company drone:

The hoverboard was also present in the final of the Portuguese Cup in 2017, when a mode of transport was chosen to take the ball to the referee:

If you want to test yourself, you need to wait a while. Omni drones are not yet open for sale to the public.

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But, according to the TMZ website, even if they were, it would not have been cheap. According to sources heard by the website, this real-life hoverboard will cost around US $ 20 thousand, giving R $ 108.7 thousand in the current conversion.

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