Man found snake in drying rack while keeping utensils away

Man found snake in drying rack while keeping utensils away

Early in the morning, soon after waking up, in New South Wales, an Australian was surprised to find a python snake in his dish drainer, after part of the kitchen utensils were already stored.

Keith Williams shared the discovery on his Twitter profile, which showed several photos of the reptile and its way out of the house, without the resident forcing it to leave or calling someone to help get rid of the reptile. .

“I can’t believe I emptied part of the drying rack before noticing. Well, I had just woken up and was waiting for coffee, but still…” with a picture of a python The man wrote in the caption, Winding between the cups.

An unexpected encounter took place on Wednesday (6). Slowly, the snake began to crumble and came out of the drying rack on its own. The Australian gave followers an update saying that the python had already left the house and then, his next task would be to re-wash the utensils that served as support for it, but, shortly after, the man recorded that the animal was still inside the house.

Instead of being scared, Keith insisted that the presence of snakes in his land was not unprecedented and that he was not usually forced to back down, recalling an impressive 2017 video in which two snakes appeared entangled in front of a window. give. In your kitchen, prevents the resident from accessing your clothes.

Exactly four days later, in the same year, the Australian photographed three pythons crawling outside. The man was shocked by the results of a new episode involving the “cute” snake and announced his appearance on a local TV show.

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