Man hidden in plane’s landing gear found alive after 11-hour journey

Man hidden in plane's landing gear found alive after 11-hour journey

A case caught attention this Sunday and surprised authorities, when a man was found hiding in the landing gear of a cargo plane. The incident took place at Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands. The information is from O Globo.

The flight in question traveled from South Africa to Amsterdam for about 11 hours. What impressed everyone was that he survived this period of the journey in the compartment where the plane’s wheels are, as the air becomes thinner and the temperature drops quickly in that area. According to officials, the temperature at an altitude of 10 km is at -50 degrees. i.e. it causes the person to lose consciousness and suffer low temperature,

“Sometimes we find bodies that still have snow, it’s too cold,” a police officer told Dutch news portal Gelderlander. According to the portal, over the past five years, six others were found in the plane’s compartment in the Netherlands – five were dead.

According to the police, the man is doing well, considering the circumstances in which he was found, and was taken to the hospital. The matter is under investigation.

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