Man jumped into the sea to save a dog that was swimming alone; Video

In October last year, Brian Crowell, a resident of Florida in the United States, was enjoying an afternoon with a group of friends on a boat by the sea when the fun ride turned into a rescue mission. Everyone was stunned by what the group found in the middle of the sea early in the morning.

Brian and friends were enjoying the sun and each other’s company when they noticed something moving and swimming hard in the rough water and among the waves, only to realize it was a puppy!

At that very moment, one of the people on the boat did not think twice and a Jack Russell Terrier jumped in to save the dog. Fortunately, dogs of this breed are excellent swimmers, but it is not known how long the pet spent swimming in the high seas.

The dog was relieved and delighted when they put him on the boat, wagging and wagging his tail the entire time, finally relieved to rest and be on ‘solid ground’. The Jack Russell also wore a collar with the owner’s name and number, so it was easy to return it to his family.

The entire rescue was filmed by one of the group members and posted on Brian’s Tik Tok profile. According to the information found in the video, the dog was on another boat with the tutors when he jumped or fell into the water and no one noticed.

After contacting the owner and asking for an explanation, it is revealed that the dog’s name is Zuko, and he is a puppy and was biting a bone in the rear of the boat at the time of the incident.

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The video has garnered over 13 million views, 1.4 million likes and over 10,000 likes.

One netizen commented, “Don’t give it back to the previous owner, no one loses a dog at sea.”

“That’s why your dog should always have a life jacket! My dog ​​is a strong swimmer and we always use one. They’re so lucky!” Said another.

“Congratulations on saving the dog!” added a third.

For the luck of everyone and especially the dog, Brian and his friends were in the right place at the right time. Otherwise this story could have a different ending.

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