Man kills a person and stabs six in Vancouver

Man kills a person and stabs six in Vancouver

A woman was killed and six people were injured Saturday in a quiet neighborhood in Vancouver, western Canada, followed by a man stabbed for unknown reasons, who was quickly arrested.

Six people were hospitalized after the attack, which took place in the afternoon near the public library in Lynn Valley, a major area in North Vancouver, in shock.

“We have six victims who were injured with a blade,” said Sergeant Frank Jung of the Vancouver Criminal Police.

“We have a victim who, unfortunately, did not survive the injuries. The victim is a woman,” he said.

The detained person has a criminal record, Jung said. Investigators believe the perpetrator acted alone, but his motivation has not yet been determined.

“We believe we have the only suspect in custody,” Jung said. “We believe that we know who did it, where and when. Our job now is to investigate why,” he said.

The attack in a quiet area of ​​the city shook everyone. “Completely impressive to say the least. For everyone, including the police,” Sergeant Jung told AFP.

Justin Prasad, who works near the library, said the attacker acted randomly.

He said, “He was chaotic when he stumbled across people near the library. I saw him face to face with a policeman, then he escaped. The police chased him, attacked him and hit him on the ground Dropped. “

The CTV channel aired a video Saturday night showing the arrest of the suspect, who appears to have been stabbed in the leg by several police officers before falling and being arrested.

Sergeant Jung asked those who filmed the act not to pass the images on to the police and to post the video on social media.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several government officials responded on Twitter.

“My thoughts are with the Vancouver Nord tonight,” the head of government commented. “Everyone affected by the violent incident in Lynn Valley knows that Canadians are thinking about them and wish the wounded to recover quickly.”

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