Man sits on toilet playing with smartphone and is finally bitten by python

Man sits on toilet playing with smartphone and is finally bitten by python

was a 28 year old man Bites on the buttocks while sitting on the toilet while doing “number two” and playing video games on a smartphone, at his home in Malaysia. Sabri Tajali did not notice that the snake was locked inside the toilet. suddenly he felt like “A Blade Was Biting Your Ass”, He got up and got scared of the snake.

He fled and called the fire department, local newspaper “The Star” reported. The reptile has been captured. luckily it was a dragon, not poisonous. Instead of antivenom, Sabri received an anti-tetanus shot. The incident is from March, but went viral on social media this month.

Python caught after biting Malaysian’s butt sitting on toilet Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

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Python bitten sitting on toilet, Malaysian man treated in hospital
Malaysian hospitalized after being bitten by a python sitting on the toilet Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Two weeks after the great scare, Malaysian woman found half-pointed part of snake still stuck in her buttock,

“Maybe it broke because I pulled the snake too hard”Malaysian said.

Sabri, who is still recovering from the shock, said that changed toilet for other. he was so shaken abstaining from using the bathroom at home for about two weeksGoing to the bathroom of a local mosque.

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