Man swallows cell phone, waits 6 months for nature to work, but is operated on

Man swallows cell phone, waits 6 months for nature to work, but is operated on

An Egyptian man had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a cell phone from his stomach. The man reported that he swallowed the device six months ago and was hoping to eliminate it naturally.

According to the Gulf Today website, Aswan University Hospital, where the surgery was performed, reported that the patient sought medical care after losing a lot of weight and experiencing severe abdominal pain.

At the hospital, the boy, who did not reveal his identity, told doctors that he had swallowed a cell phone six months earlier and was waiting for his body to eliminate it naturally through withdrawal, but This did not happen, he decided to seek help. The boy did not explain how and why he swallowed the device.

During hospital care, medical tests, including X-rays and CT scans, showed that the foreign object was in the man’s abdomen, causing severe swelling in his stomach and intestines.

He was taken to the operation room. The process of removing the device took two hours.

The hospital also pointed out that the cell phone was obstructing the passage of food and the patient was lucky not to get an infection as cell phone batteries contain chemicals that are harmful to health.

“The incident was the first of its kind. It was very strange, because the man did not explain why he swallowed his cell phone,” physician Mohamed Al Dahsouri said in an interview with the website.

Also according to the hospital, the man is recovering from the surgery and is doing well.

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