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Manchester United moved within a point of Leicester in second with a 6-2 thrashing of Leeds United at Old Trafford

Manchester United are third, with Roy Kane wondering if they can move closer to Premier League side Liverpool. The time has come to charge the title at Old Trafford.

Did Manchester United announce their titles today? What they are doing is definitely not going to hurt them.

Last month, Roy Keane told Sky Sports Oles Gunnar Salisbury players will “get him sacks”. On Sunday, after their 6-2 win over Leeds, he said United could not be overwhelmed by the Premier League title race at all. “A lot has changed in the six short weeks.

Realistically, Soulscare’s team has been on the radar for some time now, winning six of their last seven matches and scoring five points at the top of the table, although this performance is not perfect. In the back-to-back wins against Southampton and West Ham over the past month, in both halves, he looked like a team-fighting genius rather than a title.

But now, their re-organized game will be a handful of victories against Burnley, whenever it can, and the gap will be below two. With Ole Gunnar slashing his job balance a month ago, his Manchester United squad is now set to emerge as Liverpool’s closest challenge.


Free to watch: Highlights of Manchester United’s win over Leeds United in the Premier League

Completing last year’s third season was “an improvement, but they don’t want to be where they are” before beating Leeds 6-2 at Old Trafford on Sunday, according to Salisbury itself.

This is the situation his joint side has now recaptured, the last day of the 2019/20 season, five months after qualifying for the Champions League. But with a 33-point gap from defending champions Liverpool last season, United could find themselves in the clutches of Jugan Klopp’s leaders as they travel to Anfield on January 17.

What has Solescare changed in just a few months? Probably not all of it. Signs have been there for a while, there is a serious possibility of this joint side – but defense issues and fitness issues have affected them several times in the early weeks of the campaign.

Problems with playing counter-attacks seem to eventually get behind them. Deep sitting and aiming breaks, which worked very well in the early weeks of Salisbury’s reign, were all right and good against open teams, but when opponents started to sit deep, goals and results quickly dried up.


Roy Kane praises Manchester United’s ‘excellent performance’ after scrapping Leeds United

This is a problem that has taken time and money to fix, but it is no exaggeration to suggest the arrival of Bruno Fernandes.

During his career as manager of Salisbury, United scored 2.15 points per game when they had less than 50 per cent possession but when they did not, it dropped to just 1.7 points per game.

This gap has been closed since Fernandes joined. In the 27 games since their debut against the Wolves in January, United have a better record with a ballless majority.

Despite this, as of November 8, United’s 3-1 win over Everton was the only thing that stopped them from recording their worst start to the league season in more than 30 years. Given. Their home points in Saturday’s game against Leeds were the lowest since six games at Old Trafford since the 1930s.

“The name of the game is proving people wrong,” Keane told Sky Sports after United had tackled their home goal record in 90 minutes this season. “Maybe, maybe, this group of players can do it.”


Ole Gunnar reflects on his impressive victory over Salisbury Leeds, where Scott McTomney shined

This question mark will remain until United can prove themselves more than their one-line team; The kind of thing they saw a year ago shake off a terrible start to losing two of their last 25 and touring the Champions League venues on the final day.

With leaders’ gaps so small, it may be time. “If they can get their house in order, there’s no reason they can’t stay there,” Keane added. United are on their best league running back home, with 10 straight wins on the road. “You wonder what they could do if they sorted out their home farm.”

Maybe it’s time. “We saw a sharp and strong team,” said Salisbury after Leeds’ omission. His side was just 5km away from hitting Humble in the opening game by Crystal Palace at Old Trafford. They made more physical changes at home this season, keeping Chelsea in a 0-0 draw at the end of October.

Defensive issues may still prove to be the manager’s biggest concern; His side have kept three clean sheets all season, just one more than 19th-ranked West Bromwich Albion. But on the impressive race of such a Leah victory, giving Keene a reason to smile and return to home soil, it is surprising how close United keeps the course.

When is the next Crystal Palace, when is the next Arsenal? who knows. But Keane is a man who is willing to eat his words. “I think Liverpool are still the best, but there is no reason why United should not like their prospects.”

Leicester, Wolves, Aston Villa and Fulham are his next four fixtures before facing Liverpool in the new year. Take this speed to Anfield, and never say no.

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