Marcos Uchua links massive layoff with Bolsonaro at Globo: “He went on top”

Marcos Uchua links massive layoff with Bolsonaro at Globo: “He went on top”

Marcos Uchoa attributed to mass layoffs globe to the president Jair BolsonaroIn an interview given on Monday (23). The journalist formed the association in November last year after leaving the station, where he had been for 34 years. He said the chief executive had implemented a system of hiring that was detrimental to the channel, resulting in large pay cuts in recent years.

“I didn’t have a contract anymore. It was one of the things that Bolsonaro did… Previously, the better-paid people in Globo used to earn as a legal entity. In the first year of government, he was in labor. The case was already at the top, saying that this could not happen, and all began to become an employee again. Even Galvao, even Faustao”, said Marcos Uchua. Podcast asked for Intellignasia Ltd.

“I was a hired person like no other. There was no expiration date for the contract. I simply resigned. I explained that I wanted to leave. I have no regrets about Globo. Of course, there were times I wanted to do things that I couldn’t because they wouldn’t let me, but that’s the law of the game.”

Still on the podcast, Uchua said that the station is also going through a financial crisis. “Globo is suffering, like many media outlets, money leaving traditional media and money entering the Internet. For example, your program is an adversary, a competitor that didn’t exist years ago.”

Hired for 34 Years, Marcos Uchua Says It’s Wrong to Fire Globo Medallions: “Identified”

According to the journalist, lack of money also leads to losses and they need to adjust their expenditure. “In this aspect, [saem] Older people, who were there longer, with better pay because of all these years. Cutting back, not renewing contracts and firing these guys, that’s a sharp savings.”

The veteran criticized the policy adopted by the channel. “I wouldn’t do that, I think that’s a mistake. Media outlets’ identities are a lot more professional people than you’re used to seeing. You create an identity that’s shaken when these people leave, and it’s going to happen again.” Need to make from. ” Strategy also adopted In the entertainment sector, which also lost a good part of the casting.

“Since he has less money, Globo travels less now. But [coberturas de] A new reporter will not do the wars I have waged. Globo’s journalism has shrunk from its ambitions.”

Uchua said he still chose to leave for not agreeing with the form of journalism that was being, “I like to go places, report in loco”, he insisted. He regretted not being able to cover the recent conflict in Hong Kong and the crisis in Greece. “It was difficult to leave the salary I had. It was a very good, comfortable salary”, he admitted. Watch this excerpt from the interview:

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