Marinho’s resignation questions JP News’ intent to “plural” – 11/04/2021

Marinho’s resignation questions JP News’ intent to “plural” – 11/04/2021

Andre Marinho’s departure from Jovem Pan, announced by them this Thursday (4), undermines one of the banners of the news channel, that it is a defender of freedom of expression and plurality. The comedian made a name for himself on the program “Scream” with mocking politicians and acid comments about the situation.

In the television debut of JP News last week, participated in an interview with the President Jair Bolsonaro In “Panic”, Marinho stretches the rope ask a question about crack (“Splitter whether he has to go to jail or not?”). The angry President left before the program was over.

Reactions in the right field started in still air. Commentator Adrielles Jorge interacted with Marinho and called him “Vagabundo”, “Mauricinho” and “Safado”. Always shout. On social media, another JP commentator, Rodrigo Constantino, saw the intention of “ceiling”, “political campaign” or “outrage” in Marinho’s attitude. And he said he lacked “respect” and “office adoration” in interviews.

According to the website O Antagonista, because of the repercussions of the incident, Jaypee executives began to fear that the company would “lose the seal of a convinced pocketnarista”.

To reinforce the notion that the channel wants to please the government, JP recently announced the hiring of commentator Caio Coppola, The Pocketnarist who was on CNN Brazil, and Ricardo Salles, a former environment minister in the Bolsonaro government. Coppola welcomed the news, saying that “freedom of expression reigns” at JP.

balance voice

In a message recorded and posted on YouTube, Marinho commented on his departure from Jovem Pan. He recalled that “there, in 2020, the radio made a marketing decision to retain this pokemonist audience, promoting the thesis sympathetic to the current government, establishing an editorial line that was more adherent, more government.” “

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And he added: “Given this situation, I had two choices: either I would stay at home, suck my thumb, in my comfort zone, or I would really take on the challenge and become a voice of balance in this environment.” I’ll try.”

The comedian does not comment on the pressures he has faced in recent days as a result of the incident during an interview with Bolsonaro. look below:

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