Max Payne and Max Payne 2 Remake Revealed for PS5, Xbox Series and PC

Imagem de: Remakes de Max Payne e Max Payne 2 são revelados para PS5, Xbox Series e PC

On Wednesday night (06), Remedy just announced an amazing project: Max Payne And Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne There will be special remakes for the new generation (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) and PC. Both games would be developed on the proprietary Northlight engine, which was used in both. Control (one of the games with the best use of ray tracing today) and quantum break,

Both games will be produced in an agreement with Rockstar, the current rights holder for the franchise. Max Payne (who also produces Max Payne 3) and will finance the remake. However, Remedy will return at the helm of the remake, as she was the creator and original developer of the first two titles.

According to the first information released by the company, both the games will be present in the same package, will have the same budget as the high quality AAA games from Remedy and are still in the stage of conceptual development, ie: it has not yet come off paper.

Despite having two amazing games from the 2000s and still being relatively playable today, it will be very interesting to see them again from the ground up with next-generation graphics and big-budget quality from the Rockstar behind the projects. The first title pioneered the “Bullet Time” mechanic, which used slow motion time to help players defeat the bad guys, while also seeing incredible moments on screen (some largely inspired by earlier matrix,

Rockstar to fund Max Payne 1+2 remake

One of the best news from the remake announcement is that Rockstar is behind production, funding the games and giving back the license to the franchise’s creators, Remedy. According to Rockstar, Remedy came up with the idea and followed them to negotiate a deal, which came to fruition today.

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“We were really excited when our old friends at Remedy first reached out to us to talk about the Max Payne remake. We are huge fans of the work that Remedy has done over the years and we look forward to playing these new versions. Can’t wait for that,” he said. Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser.

Remedy’s CEO was also very excited about the announcement: “Max Payne has always held a special place in our hearts and we know that millions of fans around the world feel the same way.”

Max Payne and Max Payne 2 Remake There’s no release date yet, but they’ll be arriving for PS5. Xbox Series X | s and pc.

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