MC Gui says he was sued by an Uber driver

MC Gui says he was sued by an Uber driver

this afternoon”Farm 13″ (Record TV), MC Gui talks with Tiago Piccilo and Tati Cubara Barraco about the lawsuit they received from an application driver.

Funqueiro begins the story by saying that he raised a cow and collected donations for one of his security guards, who, according to him, had destroyed his family’s home in Minas Gerais by a flood. MC Gui claimed they called an application car to collect donations collected for security, but the driver “disappeared” with the products.

“Five, six bags full of clothes. I called the app, the car came, I sent the car, the car went. It’s gone. I can’t talk to the man. Only me.” [tirei uma captura de tela], No. […] where is this car bro? The boy is gone. […] I went to find him because someone in his family was following me and he saw that I posted it. He found her. He went and sued me,” the singer said.

Tiago is shocked to learn that the driver has sued the MC.

“Speaking was slander, image correct. […] I got frustrated, my heart thinks so. He went and showed up with the clothes on,” she continued.

hey Rural areas Questioned whether professionals appeared only after publications on social networks.

“After I posted it, he appeared. He went to the address saying, rang the bell, no one answered,” he continued.

“Nonsense,” replied Tati.

“Then it’s in court for him. The lawyer is taking care of it. He sticks his dick in me. His lawyer sticks his dick.” […] I never said ‘thief’, these things, you know. The boy is gone. […] He only showed up later, you know?”, said Funkero.

“It sucks. These days you have to be careful,” concluded Piccilo.

Rumors that he will be expelled

at the beginning of the month, MC Gui’s advisor spoke about rumors that the singer would be fired or expelled from the reality show due to the ongoing process against Vanguard.

confirmed according to the information uol MC Gui is represented by an office, by the funkeiro team, he has already received summons in his name. Therefore, the singer will not be summoned in Reality because of the lawsuit.

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