Medvedev may be banned from playing Wimbledon

Medvedev may be banned from playing Wimbledon

London, England) – Current world number one, Russian Daniil Medvedev, may be barred from competing at Wimbledon unless he gives public assurances that he is not a supporter of President Putin. according to teamsMinister Nigel Huddleston called on all Russian and Belarusian athletes not to be attached to their respective states.

The sports minister said today at the hearing of the Digital Selection Committee, Culture, Media and Sport that the government will only allow individual athletes from Russia or Belarus to compete in events in the UK if they receive such guarantees.

“Many countries around the world have agreed that we do not allow representatives of Russia to compete. The defender of the Russian flag should not be allowed to play. We need assurance that they are not supporters of Vladimir Putin. We are considering what requirements we can ask to get assurance in this regard,” Huddleston said.

This has raised concerns in the Wimbledon organization, which does not know whether Russian and Belarusian tennis players will be punished for the invasion of Ukraine.

The English newspaper says there have been informal talks between Grand Slam officials in recent days to discuss the possibility of going beyond a preliminary decision between the sport’s governing bodies and allowing players from any country to compete as neutrals. can be discussed.

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