Meet Polish Adam Wolanin, United States striker

Meet Polish Adam Wolanin, United States striker

The column Uncle Sam’s Search Will tell the story of this week Adam Wolanin. He was a Polish striker who came to dispute 1950 World CupBut by choosing The us. Let’s talk about how he was forced to leave Poland and ended up in the United States, where it was very important Illinois State.


Adam Wolanin was born Lvov, PolandOn November 13, 1919. First, his career as a professional began in 1935, soon after completing 17 years. He started a first class team in his hometown, Chase Lviv. However, it was invaded by the Germans in 1939 second World War. Like, Wolanin ran England And went to play Blackpool, The English Premier League club at the time. However, the main team never arrived, and ended Chicago. The us America, The game ended for Maroon e aac eaglesWere from teams Chicago national league. In the end, they ended up leaving Chicago falcon Where did you live National Challenge Cup Day 1953.

Even though Adam was not American, he was eventually called to the rescue selection of The us In the 1950 World Cup. He made his debut in the national team’s first game 3 x 1 against Spain. In addition to defending the colors of the United States, they abolished National Soccer Hall of Fame Im 1976 and for Illinois Soccer Hall of Fame 1992Due to his great contribution to local football in the field of Chicago, Illinois. Finally, in addition to being inducted into the Hall of Fame, he was also the first pole to play A. world Cup After the Second World War.

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Adam Vollenin Visa for going to the 1950 World Cup

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