Meet the ‘Spider-Man of China’ who clears the rubbish 400 meters from the mountain cliff

Meet the ‘Spider-Man of China’ who clears the rubbish 400 meters from the mountain cliff
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Updated: December 8, 2020 at 7:30:02 p.m.

Once the area was cleared, he was pulled back to the ground with water bottles, packing and a bag full of tissues.

Scaling up China’s Tiananmen Mountain, Yang Feiyu, 48, is not a breast garbage collector. Fiu is one of the many men who have been hired to clean up the mountains with plastic and other rubbish thrown by tourists.

“Am I scared? No, I’m used to it, “Yang told AFP as he walked down a grill. Yang and his team’s work involves climbing 400 meters (1,300 feet) above the ground to collect water bottles, packaging and tissues – prompting the local media to call them “Spider-Man.”

While Yang is hanging from a cliff, clearing the rubbish, his partner is firmly attached to the rope, which is attached to the rock’s hooks. According to AFP, once the area is cleared, it is thrown away by the pulling system.

“When it rains, we get single-use ponchos – and since Ubiquitous epidemicWe also get face masks, ”says Yang. Describing the challenging nature of his job, Yang says, “At first my hands were sore after a day’s work – I could barely use my chopsticks to eat. But now it’s great! ”

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Tiananmen Mountain Management recalled Yang’s team in 2010 to manage the garbage collection at the mountain, a common occurrence in most Chinese tourist destinations. However, over the years, waste has decreased, said Ding Yunjuan, deputy director of marketing for Mountain. “First, our ‘Spiderman’ collected five tons of garbage a year. Tourists are more civilized these days. ”

Despite running Coronavirus Epidemic, Yang and his team collected more than two tons of garbage in 2020, leading to a significant drop in the number of tourists.

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