Melania Trump cancels rally due to ‘long cough’ | Melania Trump

Melania Trump withdrew from her campaign schedule on Tuesday, two weeks before election day, due to a “long-term cough.”

Like her husband, Donald Trump, and her son, Baron, First Lady Rat recently contracted coronavirus and entered treatment and isolation. She said she had recovered last week and was traveling with her husband to Erie. Pennsylvania, For an evening election rally.

But a spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said: “Mrs. Trump is feeling better every day after recovering from Covid-19, but she will not be traveling today due to a long cough and caution.”

Trump and his administration have been widely accused of failing to take proper precautions to prevent public gatherings during the coronavirus epidemic.

Trump rallies do not feature the following measures, including the wearing of masks and social distances. The President, First and Second and other senior personalities fell ill after attending Introduction to the White House For Supreme Court nominee Amy Connie Barrett on September 26, labeled “Super spreadable”Program.

In a statement announcing her recovery, Melania Trump said she was “very lucky” because my diagnosis came with minimal symptoms, although they hit me at the same time and in later days it seemed like a rollercoaster of symptoms. I experienced body aches, coughs and headaches and I felt tired most of the time. ”

Unlike her husband, whose treatment was not available to the general public, she did not spend time in the hospital, saying she chose a more natural way of choosing medicine and healthy foods.

More than 8.2 million cases of coronavirus Are registered in the United States And about 220,000 people have died. The number of cases is on the rise across the country and in many states a daily record is rising which will be crucial in deciding the Presidential election, which is just two weeks away.

The New York Times on Tuesday Analysis of polling Put Trump behind his challenger Joey Biden in every swing state in which he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, including Pennsylvania.

A majority in the majority of voters say they trust the Democratic candidate more than the Republican incumbent when it comes to managing the epidemic.

Despite this, in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday morning, Trump once again criticized infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fossey, who has served six presidents but whom Trump Called “Destruction” The day before

“Look, he’s a good guy,” Trump said. “She’s got a really bad arm and Not a good baseball throwerBut he’s a good guy. The only thing I can say is that he is a little bit sometimes not a team player, but he is a Democrat. ”

in fact Show records Fossey is not registered as a Democrat or Republican. He has repeatedly claimed to be non-partisan.

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