Mental disorders made former Santos Robert midfielder want to die

Mental disorders made former Santos Robert midfielder want to die

In 1998, I returned to play, still in the process of reading, but on the pitch, which was what I wanted most. We played the Brazilian quarter-final against Corinthians and I played well. Only he was not the owner. The following year, I was loaned to Atlético-MG.

I was the Brazilian vice-champion in Gallo, I found my football again. I was about to return to Grmio, but he took advantage of this success and moved me to Palmeiras. When I landed in So Paulo, my manager called me and said: “Gee, you’re not going to Palmeiras anymore, it went wrong. Now it’s Santos, what do you think?” Grmio and Santos had agreed to exchange me for right-back Anderson Lima, and all that was missing was my OK.

I already knew the city, knew the club, had a history. I accepted. It was the biggest decision of my life. This second route was in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Ah, 2002… I was finally the Brazilian champion, bro.

It was stuck in my throat since that final Santos x Botafogo. I was Link, the representative of that group, playing for Santos again and getting the opportunity to be the champion. I was a finalist for Atletico-MG and I could not win the title in the third final. It was wonderful, the spirit of the mission accomplished. I was in debt to Santos, in debt to Brasileirao Santos and it was all repaid with interest. After going through so many difficulties in life, I had this coronation while playing the final. It is very grateful to God.

Our 2002 title is turning 20 this year. I just want to see a lot of tributes, so many memories, movies, documentaries, books, because to find a team that is from 1 to 11, with some reserves played in the national team, is something of a different world. events only.

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