‘Mermaid’ appears in wetlands during Scottish storm

'Mermaid' floating in Glasgow wetlands

heavy summer rain has caused Floods across the UK in recent times. However, a resident of Glasgow (Scotland) noticed more than the damage caused by a nature phenomenon: He saw a “mermaid” From the window of the house on Saturday (7/8).

According to a report in The Daily Record, Gavin Miller, who took the photos and posted them on Facebook, said he lives on the top floor of a building in Battlefield Gardens on the south side of the city. Unable to leave the building due to flooding, he decided to look at the landscape. then he came to a Woman dressed as a mermaid who swims calmly in a flooded area.

‘Mermaid’ floating in Glasgow Wetlands Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

In similar situations, the most “common” is to see people cross the floodplain on surfboards or kayaks. Many people on social media were surprised to see a “mermaid” in the flood. many found hilarious scene, but many others appear women’s health concerns.

“All that cute dog poop… healthy!!!!”, Sarah Marie joked on the network.

This summer, the largest Scottish city is hit by a lot of rain compared to previous years.

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