Meteor explodes in sky during live reporter broadcast – News

Meteor explodes in sky during live reporter broadcast - News

North American reporter Jay O’Brien was surprised by a ballid – a meteor that explodes in the air – that crossed the sky on Wednesday from West Palm Beach in South Florida, United States, while (14) Live Your Facebook profile on stream. Shocked, his first words after the incident were: “My God, what’s in heaven like that? Wow!”.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen this. Presumably, a piece of spacecraft that is burning in orbit. Sometimes they appear like this. I’ll ask around and find out what it was. It was surprising. !”, They said.

According to the American Meteor Society, an organization that researches in the field of astronomy, there were about 300 sightings of the incident. In the Bahamas, residents said they heard a loud voice and realized that there were common conditions during the shaking of houses.

Bólido x Fireball


On November 23 of last year, when A meteorite of Meteor-7, considered to be high, exploded in the sky in the area of ​​the border of Rio Grande do Sul with UruguayCarlos Fernando Jung, director of the South Zone of Bramón (Brazil’s Meteorite Surveillance Network), emphasized R7 Difference between bilos and Fire shells (“Fireballs”, in Portuguese).

While bolts are meteors that burst into the air, they are considered Fire shells Any meteorite that reaches the magnitude of -4 and spreads into the air. Meteorites are fragments of comets or asteroids, which separate themselves from these celestial bodies and are wandering from space in orbits around the Sun.

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