Mexican court orders Google to pay 1.26 billion BRL to lawyer for moral damages

Mexican court orders Google to pay 1.26 billion BRL to lawyer for moral damages

Google confirmed last Friday (17) that it was sentenced to pay nearly US$245 million (R$1.26 billion) to a lawyer in Mexico for allowing the publication of a blog without evidence of various crimes . , a decision which will be challenged in the High Courts.

In a brief statement sent to AFP on Friday, Google Mexico confirmed the approval for “non-economic damages” after the process.

“We regret this decision (…), which we consider to be arbitrary, excessive and without any basis. Google will defend itself until the last resort,” the statement said.

The decision, which was issued on June 13, said the decision, “contains freedom of expression and other fundamental principles and we believe that federal courts will act strictly in accordance with the law.”

The plaintiff is attorney Ulrich Richter Morales. He accuses Google of allowing disclosure that places him as the author of alleged crimes such as money laundering, influence peddling and document forgery.

“This is a very important and relevant decision in this technological age in the digital age, and I think it sets a precedent that technical search engines can be subject to liability even for non-property damage and are exempted from it.” No, Morales said in a statement interview.

The lawyer said the fine “should be exemplary so that the person causing the harm does not repeat it and no other citizen can see his rights being affected”.

Google has been required to remove blogs from the Internet since 2015, with eight short posts from 2014 still available.

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Facing the denial, Morales Ulrich filed a lawsuit for moral damages, which he won for the first time in 2021 and which Google appealed. This matter can go up to the Supreme Court.

The American company based in Mountain View faced similar lawsuits in other countries.

On 6 June, an Australian court ordered New South Wales Prime Minister John Barillaro to receive $500,000 in damages for claiming that a comedian’s video posted on YouTube defamed him. , which is owned by Google.

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