Mexican President proposes Biden immigration plan to order irregular migration

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President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obredor, announced this Sunday (18th) that he would propose to the North American Joe Biden, A plan to “order” irregular migration.

Lopez Obredor said in a message posted on his social network that Biden would be presented during the virtual climate summit, which Democrats called on April 22 and 23.

Initiatives of the leftist president include “expanding” their social program Semindo Vida in Central America, through which financial assistance is provided to registered producers.

“This will allow us to order migratory flows. In March, this situation overflowed,” López Obredor said.

If his proposal goes ahead, he said, it would be the “third phase” of TMEC, the new free trade agreement between Mexico. America I Canada Which replaced NAFTA in July 2020.

Central Americans in the Sembrando Vida program will be entitled to temporary work visas after the first three years and, after three more years, according to Lózs Obredor’s proposal, can apply for US citizenship.

In light of the increase in migrant flows, last Wednesday, the Mexican president urged the United States Congress to approve the $ 861 million budget requested by Biden to tackle poverty in Central America.

In June 2019, Mexico launched the Comprehensive Development Plan Protector, Guatemala I HondurasIn which economic transfers were done to the people enrolled in social programs.

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