Micron is already responsible for the majority of COVID cases in Brazil. national newspaper

Micron is already responsible for the majority of COVID cases in Brazil.  national newspaper

The Omicron variant is already responsible for the majority of cases covid No Brazil.

Have you noticed that every year there is a different flu? Does this virus have the ability to adapt to new conditions so as not to disappear. What mutation, Coronavirus uses the same strategy,

Over the past two years, scientists have identified and closely followed more than 10 types. A survey conducted by Our World in Data platform, based on data from over 100 countries, shows the evolution of the coronavirus, showing that at the start of the pandemic, alpha, beta and gamma variants were spreading in a chaotic manner. Methods in large centers. In February 2021, India identified the first cases of the delta variant. In March, she was already in the UK. Within five months it dominated the world. ,

In November, a new variant appeared, called Omicron and which showed an even higher rate of contamination. In less than two months, it dominated – for example – in the UK, South Africa, France, we, Japan I Brazil.

Omicron Edition in the world – Photo: Jornal National / Reproduction

The more the virus circulates in a population, the more likely the mutation is to appear. They are not always successful. Most have little or no effect on the virus. But In the case of COVID-19, with each mutation, the scientific community gets alerted,

David Schlesinger, MD, heads a laboratory that conducts tests to identify COVID-19 variants.

“Even knowing that other countries are seeing this astonishing increase, it’s still somewhat impressive. Micron appears to transmit at a rate similar to that of measles. Measles is the virus that spreads to the most people.” It spreads to 15 people for every infected person. “The micron transmits anywhere from 10 to 20 people per infected person,” explains David Schlesinger.

Virologist Fernando Spilki says that, In Europe, Omicron has also shown to be less lethal than other types, but it confirms that – nonetheless – it is necessary to take all precautions.

“Although in absolute numbers and proportionately we may actually have fewer hospitalizations and deaths, the omicron variant of the virus still allows, especially in individuals without adequate vaccination, that hospitalizations and Unfortunately, a fraction of infected individuals go on to die. Avoiding, it is important to keep well ventilated areas”, highlights Fernando Spilki.

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