Micron represents “very high” global risk, says WHO

Micron represents "very high" global risk, says WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the microscopic version of the coronavirus, which has already been detected in more than 60 countries, represents a “very high” global risk, with evidence that it may be out of vaccine protection. but clinical data on its severity is limited. ,

Micron is surrounded by a lot of uncertainties. The WHO, in a technical summary released on Sunday (12), said it was first detected last month in South Africa and Hong Kong, with mutations that could lead to greater communicability and more cases of COVID-19.

“The overall risk associated with the new micron strain remains very high for a number of reasons,” it said, reiterating its initial November 29 assessment of the strain.

“And secondly, preliminary evidence suggests a possible humoral immunological escape against high rates of infection and transmission, which could lead to new outbreaks with serious consequences,” the organization said, referring to the virus’s potential to survive. . Immunity provided by antibodies.

The WHO cited some preliminary evidence that there has been an increase in the number of people re-infected with the virus in South Africa.

Although preliminary findings in South Africa suggest that the micron may be less severe than the delta variant – currently dominant worldwide – and all reported cases in the Europe region have been mild or asymptomatic, this is not yet clear. The extent to which the micron may naturally be less virulent, the WHO said.

“More data are needed to understand the severity profile. Even though the severity is potentially lower than in the delta variant, hospitalizations are expected to result in increased transmission. More hospitalizations will affect health systems.” There could be a burden and there could be more deaths.”

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The WHO said more details about the new version are expected in the coming weeks.

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