Microsoft and Sony were never competitive and may team up, says Randy Pitchford

For Randy Pitchford, founder and head of Gearbox Software, which is now part of the Embraer Group, Microsoft and Sony have never been competitive and, in fact, they believe that In future they may also join the armyWhich will be beneficial for both.

Pitchford: “How long will it be before Sony, remembering that it’s primarily a consumer electronics company, may find happiness with Microsoft, which is a software company, Running Microsoft Software on Sony Hardware, for me they were never competitive, ,

Additionally, Pitchford continued his opinion after the tweet: “Sony: They’re better off not taking Call of Duty off our platform!” Microsoft: “Brothers, we’re trying to get our game on your platform. I mean, wasn’t spending $2.5 billion on Minecraft enough to convince you? ,

According to Pitchford, physical Xbox consoles will die in the future, as will Xbox everywhere due to the cloud: “Long-term: Blizzard games will run on both Xbox and PlayStation, no longer required. Xbox hardware. It will remain a software platform.” . All hardware makers should be happy with this. Most of the hassle is just in revenue.”

Pitchford then concluded: “I think Sony knows Xbox wants to focus on gaming, but it’s too self-protective (for good reason). However, there is a chance that they will become alliesHalf meeting. It would be better. I love Sony and I love Xbox, so…”

What do you think of Pitchford’s opinion? Should companies unite? Sony Games on Game Pass and Game Pass on Playstation? Is it possible?


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