Microsoft buys Two Hat, a company specializing in content moderation

Microsoft buys Two Hat, a company specializing in content moderation

New purchase from Microsoft!

through you official siteMicrosoft has confirmed that it has purchased a new company, Too Hat, a company that specializes in online content moderation.

According to Microsoft, the purchase of Two Hat comes after a huge increase in the number of harmful content being published on the Internet, and the purchase will help the company and the Redmond giant grow. Reference In the field of moderation of harmful content on the Internet, using a wide range of technologies.

Microsoft said the purchase signifies union of a long time partnership, and that Two Hat’s services will be sold to various companies. On Xbox, the company will help moderate and improve the Xbox network system, allowing for a more secure environment for users. See what Dave McCarthy, head of Xbox products and services, said:

In recent years, Microsoft and Two Hat have worked together to implement in-game and non-game proactive moderation techniques to detect and remove harmful content before it reaches members of our communities. For example, Two Hat technology has helped make global communities on Xbox, Minecraft and MSN safer for users. This is thanks to its highly configurable technology, which allows the user to decide what is good and what is not.” he said.

Xbox boss, Phil Spencer also commented on the purchase, see:

The trust and confidence of our community is the foundation of Xbox. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Two Hat has been acquired by Microsoft, a leader in content moderation solutions. We will continue to invest in the safety of our players.” he said.

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