Microsoft has promised to make the Series X mini-fridge –

Microsoft has promised to make the Series X mini-fridge -

Starting with a provocation a few months ago, Microsoft with its marketing man’s mouth Aaron Greenberg, Promised to build by the end of the year mini fridge Shaped Xbox series x. All the necessary work was done to help Xbox win the “Best Tweets” contest. Now that the competition has been won, Microsoft must deliver on its promise.

After the announcement of the Xbox Series X, social networks and the Internet were flooded with photos, Mam And photomontages that portray the console in the most insane and odd situations. One of the funniest stimulants was definitely the big fridge in the shape of the Xbox Series X.

Months later, fans had the opportunity to make that excitement a reality. In fact, Greenberg said that Microsoft will put the Series X mini-fridge into production later this year, helping Xbox win the competition on Twitter. “Best of tweets“.” It is not an April Fool and it is not a clickbait. “Now that the competition has been won, the Xbox man has promised that he will keep his promise. In fact, he said that the first game will be completed and sent. For Skittles, the brand ranked second in the competition. .

What can I say, whether you are an Xbox fan or not, a console-shaped mini-fridge can embellish the home of any self-respecting gamer. The perfect place to keep drinks cold during most gaming sessions.

do you understand it?

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