Mike Mayock: Lynn Bowden was traded for football reasons only

Mike Mayock: Lynn Bowden was traded for football reasons only

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Raiders general manager Mike Mayok says the team’s surprise decision to trade a third-round draft pick Lynn Bowden Was just about football.

Despite a report that the Raiders were concerned about Bowden’s territorial concerns, Mayok said it was just a matter of Bowden struggling to fulfill the role the Raider envisioned for him. Bowden played both wide receiver and quarterback at college in Kentucky, and Mayok said it was his own fault that he thought Baden would fit in well with the Raiders offense.

“No. 1, it was one Only football decides. And the character, out of the field, the child did nothing wrong. We did all our homework off the farm, on the baby, “Mayok said, via ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez. “He worked his tail, he came to work every day. So, it was purely a football decision, not something else. Quite frankly, I think the situation change is difficult in any year. But this is not an exaggeration in a cowardly year with no offense. So, you’re taking a kid who was a slot receiver in ’18, a quarterback in ’19 and running back in ’20 asking to play. And, really, the only other thing I’m going to say about it was my call. He didn’t play as well as expected today and so, we felt we had to make a move. And, again, this is 100 percent on me. ”

Whatever the reason, the Raiders had to choose Ba Bow Dunn and a sixth round to get the fourth round pick back. Bowden’s pick in the third round was a big miss by the Raiders.

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