Millie Lacombe: Socio-political expressions showing that the world has changed – 07/23/2021

Millie Lacombe: Socio-political expressions showing that the world has changed - 07/23/2021

in the early days of Tokyo Olympic GamesIssues such as the fight against diversity and prejudice were addressed in a variety of situations, with the status of athletes, from women refusing to wear short clothes in the German delegation, through gestures against homophobia, respect for gender and Festival of Orixus.

your participation in the program UOL News 2020 OlympicsJournalist Millie Lacombe says that the world is going through a learning phase with socio-political expressions, and believes that it is the situation in which there is no return, which makes this Olympic edition the most important.

“I think they will be the most important games in our recent history. I don’t like to say that this pandemic, this tragedy we are experiencing, because I don’t think we have anything to learn from the pain and suffering. But the pandemic unfolds things and we are beginning to understand that despite so much pain, despite so much suffering, the world is changing and no one will back down, no one will back down,” says Millie.

“All these socio-political manifestations show us that the world has changed and that we are not going back with the stages of suffering that preceded it. We will celebrate the Oryx, if we want, to wear the clothes we want. will fight for, to use the pronouns with which we want to be called and called, and ‘chamades’. We are all learning, everyone is learning and it is beautiful to see, everyone is learning together “, he concluded.

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