Ministers talk about Argentina’s prospects with investors in New York – 10/16/2021

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Buenos Aires, 15 October (EFE). Argentine cabinet chief Juan Manzur and economy minister Martin Guzmán met with about 20 investors in New York (USA) this Friday.

According to a statement issued by the government, he presented to the group “the main guidelines and perspectives of Argentine politics and economy”.

During the meeting at the Argentine consulate, Manzoor said that “a positive agreement with the IMF is a national priority.”

The Chief of Staff reaffirmed the country’s desire to honor the loan to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and confirmed that there is a “consensus” within the ruling coalition Fronte de Todos in this regard, as well as “received support”. desire to do”. For this all political circles should be approved” in Congress.

Manzoor also stated that the aim is to “close the best possible deal, that it is sustainable and allow the country to continue on the path of recovery, which does not hinder – and, conversely, aid – development”.

The government of President Alberto Fernández intends to renegotiate with the IMF – achieving lower interest rates and payment terms of at least 10 years – the loans contracted with the institution during the period of its predecessor Mauricio Macri (2015–2019). , which, according to the latest official figures available in August, stood at $45,455 billion.

The private sector is viewing Argentina’s agreement with the IMF with uncertainty. The country, which faces complex macroeconomic imbalances and does not have access to financing in international markets, will owe the institution, between capital and interest, US$19.02 billion next year, US$19.27 billion in 2023 and US$4.856 billion in 2024. Will have to pay extra. , as defined in the present installment plan.

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Argentina’s ambassador to the United States, Jorge Arguelo, was also present at the meeting, who described the meeting as “positive” on Twitter. EFE

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