MLB, MLBPA reaches agreement on postseason plan

MLB, MLBPA reaches agreement on postseason plan

12:52 pm: Major League Baseball Officially announced PostSession Schedule, which is set to begin on September 29 with the launch of the AL Wild Card series.

10:25 a.m.: The families of the players will have the option of staying in a separate hotel with them seven days before the postseason, Rosenthal. Tweet. They will then be able to join the bubbles for the duration of the playoffs.

9:49 am: Sherman More reports That teams will continue to operate their alternative training sites prior to the post-season quarantine, but transfers between the alternative site and the major league roster will not be allowed. As such, all IL and 40-man roster players are likely to be involved in this quarantine setting to allow clubs to continue roster moves.

This is hardly an ideal setup, as those players may find it impossible to participate in simulate games and other standard workouts, but the league is obviously taking more precautions to ensure that the postseason is worthy. .

9:37 a.m.: Sherman Adds The aforementioned quarantine measures to move to the playoffs will remain in place for players. All members of the contending clubs, even domestic players, will be separated from the hotel for seven days before the first round of the postseason play. They will be tested daily during that period. If a team is removed from the postseason dispute within seven days, of course, those players may leave the hotel soon.

9:30 a.m .: Major League Baseball and the MLB Players’ Association have agreed on a 2020 postseason plan that includes a “bubble” format hosted on neutral sites for the Division Series, League Championship Series and World Series, reports Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal.Via Twitter). A formal announcement is expected today.

Management details are scarce, however At the last check, Plans to host ALDS and ALCS at the National League Stadiums in Southern California (Dodger Stadium and San Diego’s Patco Park). NLDS and NLCS, in turn, will host the American League sites: Rangers’ Globe Life Field and Astros Mint Mide Park. The World Series will also be held at the Globe Life Field. The first round of the match will take place at the home of Joel Sherman of the New York Post Tweet.

There seemed to be widespread agreement on those points, but other details were to be removed. In particular, the players pushed against various measures that had to be put in place before allowing their family members to join the bubble. There also seems to be some discussion about allowing fans in limited capacity, as suggested by Commissioner Rob Manfred at an event online program with Hofstra University’s Business School last night.Link via Athletic’s Evan Dralich). Whether this possibility is woven into the agreement is not yet clear.

“I hope the World Series and LCS we have limited fan capacity.” Manfred said in his presentation. “Obviously, this will be a temperature check and a limited number of fans, social distances, safety provided in such a way. The type of plant you like is some NFL. Seen in games. We will probably use the same principle. ”

Indicating anything as a “bubble” when family members and fans – albeit to a limited extent – seem to be allowed into the equation, is worth noting that it is also under discussion. The limited fan presence will complicate health and safety protocols, but will also soften the financial blow facing clubs without gate revenue in 2020. It could also serve as a litmus test before the 2021 season, which Manfred admits was not given a return to normalcy from day one:

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“I think the move depends on the virus, depending on what happens next year,” he said. Said Manfred. “The virus is controlled and do you have any vaccines? Are we still seeing the spike? “It’s going to do what local governments are allowing us to do. ”

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