MLS should overtake Brasileiro in billing and target world’s best league – 03/29/2021

MLS should overtake Brasileiro in billing and target world's best league - 03/29/2021

When São Paulo announced the sale of Brenner to FC Cincinnati, the fans’ first reaction was to surprise the young striker to lose to the United States team. However, attacks from American clubs, which were already underway in other countries in South America, have recently arrived vigorously in Brazil. And this can be measured by two factors: increasing the technical quality of Major League Soccer (MLS), but serving as a springboard for Europe, the dream of South American players and the financial gain to the clubs that would bring them back again Sell.

Today the league of MLS operates 23 Brazilians and 44 Argentina in North America. Brenner’s move to the United States reinforces the strategy of making the American League credible for the development of young players, leaving more and more of the veterans’ days in the United States to end their careers.

“When Beckham arrived, he turned to MLS 2.0. We are now turning to MLS 3.0. The epidemic has hampered his plans a bit. But MLS want to reach the level of the five best leagues in the world and someone like that The reason is not. ” Arrive. A league that is in its 26th year, a very short time, has a lot ahead of it. Maybe in four or five years I will be in the group of the five best leagues, “Project Luiz Mujis, vice president of football. For Orlando City, a team that has a Brazilian majority in their region, both on and off the field. On the Florida team , Today has five Brazilians (Alexandre Pato, Antonio Carlos, Ruan, Junior Urso and Matthias Aas), one Argentine, one Uruguay, two Ecuadorians and one Colombian.

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According to a study by sports marketing consultancy Sports Value, Serie A and MLS ranked sixth in the Brazilian Championship League rankings as the highest-grossing, with U $ S 900 million. But projections for the next season suggest that MLS should surpass Brisileiro and earn U $ S1.3 billion.

Despite the low penetration of young Brazilian players, the trend is that transactions from Brazil to athletes will increase in the coming years, partly due to the appreciation of the dollar against Real, but also due to the potential for professional development.

One of the clubs known to develop young players is FC Dallas. The most famous case is that of midfielder Weston McKenney, who arrived at the club’s school at the age of 9, but left the club for free in 2016 for Schalke 04-ALE. US Football has not yet reached an agreement about FIFA. Using the RSTP system (regulation of players’ positions and transfers), Dallas was unable to get the amount even in terms of the Solidarity Mechanism, which is the athlete’s training club Allocates 5% to.

FIFA and the American Federation reached an agreement in 2020. As a result, the clubs were safe to invest at the grassroots level.

André Zanotta, football director of FC Dallas, says, “The demand for South American agents has always been great and steady. Now I have seen more interest from Brazilian agents in bringing in players.” The club recently sold full-back Reggie Cannon Roma-ITA to Bovasta-Por and Brian Reynolds. The Brazilian in Dallas is Mathias Bresson, Felipe Meigolaro and Thiago Santos.

Atlanta United is one of the teams that brings the most viewers to MLS Stadium

Picture: Playback / Atlanta

Apart from FIFA’s protection of the law, clubs now have incentives to invest in young players from the MLS.

The main one refers to the spending cap imposed by the league. Each club can spend up to $ 5 million in wages per season. Not to break the MLS spending ceiling, but still allow league clubs to compete with the promises of Argentina and Brazil, MLS created a “young designated player”, valid for players up to 23 years old. It is an evolution of the “designated player”, which was created when Beckham signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy, so that the British could receive a much higher salary than other players.

Each club in the league can have two designated players, who can get more than the team ceiling. If the athlete is under 23 years of age, they can receive US $ 200 thousand per year, when compared to the value which is a great savings that attains the status of over 24 years: US $ 600 per year .

Thus, Brenner, who scored 22 goals in 44 matches played last season, was only the last player in a relationship named Ezequiel Barco in 2018, South American champions Flango, Uruguay more independent than Brian Rodriguez. Rubro-Negro from Rio de Janeiro and who works at LAFC, or Miguel Almirón, a Paraguayan who exploded in Atlanta United and is now in Newcastle-ing.

Apart from buying young talent, the league also wants to be a developer and exporter of young talent. It formed a partnership with football academies in the United States and created MLS Next, a program that would create regional competitions ranging from under-13 to under-19, which would boost competition and thus help new talent emerge. And sports will also be benefited. And financially in the coming years.

“The league is very physical, very fast. It’s not as technical as Brazil and Argentina. But European clubs like to see the player adapted here. They see this relationship as a South American player coming to MLS. Has been, is adopting. Play well. Climate, culture is different from South America. So, if the player does well in the MLS and does well, European clubs would be more confident in investing in that player. Are, even if they pay a bit more than me. If I bought directly from a South American club, then pay, André Zanotta from FC Dallas would end.

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