Monkey kidnapped the cub in Malaysia and kept it hostage for three days

Monkey kidnapped the cub in Malaysia and kept it hostage for three days

A wild Malaysian monkey “kidnapped” a puppy for three days in Malaysia. The animal took the puppy and carried it to the top of a pole and when it saw the humans, it started running over the roofs and along the power lines.

Locals believe the monkey took a puppy from a litter of stray dogs in the neighborhood on Thursday (16), according to the New York Post. He was named Saru.

Despite the dog carrying the dog to the tops of posts and trees, the primate took good care of the puppy, holding him in his arms.

One of the neighbors, Cheri Liu Yi Lee, spoke to London video channel Newsflare. “The puppy looked tired, but we saw that the monkey didn’t hurt him. He was holding it while walking,” he said.

Monkey kidnapped cub in Malaysia

Image: reproduction / newsflare

Cypress’s rescue was possible only three days later, when the residents decided to throw stones at the primate in regards to providing adequate food and housing conditions for the pup. Due to this the monkey dropped the chick in the bushes and fled.

Saru was adopted by a neighbor and is doing well.

This is not the first time that monkeys have stolen goods and animals in Malaysia. hey newsflare It was highlighted that the government receives about 3,800 complaints about primates every year. This prompted the country’s wildlife department to prepare a hunting program pulpBetween 2013 and 2016, 70,000 monkeys died annually.

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