Monza GP not expected to be affected by ban on F1 military shows – 23/01/2022

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Formula 1 announced on 20 January that military air shows would be banned from pre-race time, with the new rule valid for the year 2022. The Italian circuit is also hoping to receive a free pass to its exhibitions, with an exception being made for Silverstone in the UK.

Freese Tirlori Show at Monza Racetrack (Breeding / Monza International Racetrack)

Geronimo La Russa, President of the Automobile Club of Milan Falu to Ansa On the ban imposed on the famous show by Friese Tirlori, the acrobatic show team of the Italian Air Force at Monza:

, I hope that the intention to eliminate Friese Tirlori’s performance in the Formula 1 Italian GP will be withdrawn and that, eventually, they will find a joint solution so that spectators are not deprived of anything other than a show. , has a great appeal for national identity.

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The Formula 1 initiative is justified by its effort to reduce the environmental impact of its events, while continuing with its commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030. Some analysis, such as Italian newspapers Corriere della Sera, consider that the F1 movement would also serve to avoid a platform for the demonstration of the military forces of the countries hosting the category.

About that, in an official statementStuart Pringle, managing director of Silverstone Circuits, said the Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force aerobatic team aircraft, are not military, and can therefore continue:

, The Red Arrows have played an important role in entertaining motorsport fans since their performance at the 1966 British Grand Prix, and I am pleased to say that Formula 1 has confirmed that this beloved tradition will continue at Silverstone in 2022. can stay. Officially known as the Royal Air Force acrobatic team, they are not classified as military aviation, and therefore do not fit the category of exposures that would not be allowed in F1 events.

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(Breeding / Formula 1 official website)
View of a Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner at Bahrain Speedway (reproduction/ Formula 1 official website,

La Russa also said that ‘it is normal that stability is one of the objectives of Formula 1’ and the coming season, but ‘they believe that Freise Tirlori’s performance is something that is appreciated by all’ . While military demonstrations have been banned and some circuits try to find loopholes for exceptions, an aerial demonstration by Gulf Air could be performed in the first round of F1 in 2022, shown One of their commercial planes in flight over Bahrain, last season.

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