More security when using WhatsApp with new meta extension

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Meta, which is also responsible for Facebook and Instagram, developed Exclusive extension for WhatsApp Which can be downloaded from Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Meta open source only.

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Like other extensions, the new browser-linked tool aims to increase privacy when using the app on a computer. Hence, WhatsApp Web now has this mechanism to prevent suspicious access by hackers.

Popular for offering commercial and even day-to-day features, scan codes that allow the use of the platform on various devices have attracted more attention. Its ease, the need for more communication in the home office and the option of making stickers are great benefits touted by the public. However, not everyone feels safe, because if a person scans the QR code for a page containing the virus, his information could be exposed.

And how does the new WhatsApp extension solve this problem?

The new code verification extension establishes a simultaneous and automatic comparison of the WhatsApp Web home screen when you read the series with your cell phone camera. This creates an additional layer of security, automating the process of identifying who has access to the account. Associated with encryption, the technology does not have access to your files, it only alerts you about links without validity and is not affiliated with official systems.

When you download it for free, an access icon will appear near the search bar and automatically the checker will start working. If the page is suspicious, you’ll get a quick notification on your screen and pay attention to the colors.

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Red signs indicate something is wrong with the address, indicating scams and failures, yellow ones represent intermediate risk, so don’t continue to log in. When you see the green light, you can be sure that the code is correct and your data will be safe.

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