More than 170 people under investigation after capital riots

More than 170 people under investigation after capital riots

According to Washington Attorney General Michael Sherwin, 70 people have already been charged

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Satellite brasil US authorities have opened more than 170 cases after the capital riots, of which 70 have already been charged. Washington Attorney General Michael Sherwin released this information to reporters on Tuesday.

“When we are sitting here a few days after the incident, we have already opened more than 170 files, which means that these individuals have been identified as people inside and outside the Capitol,” he said.

“We have already implicated more than 70 cases,” Attorney General Michael Sherwin said, predicting that these numbers would “grow geometrically.” “

On January 6, US President Donald Trump, at a rally near the White House, asked his supporters to “help the vulnerable Republicans” in the Capitol to challenge the election results.

A crowd of Trump supporters surrounded the US Congress, broke into the building and disrupted the joint session that served to ratify Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Members of Congress were evacuated to a safe place, where they remained spectators for several hours.

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