More than 20 million infected with coronavirus in India. world

More than 20 million infected with coronavirus in India.  world

a India This Tuesday (4) reached the number of 20 million notified cases of coronovirus. This is the second country to reach that number, after which America.

It took the country 10 months to register the first 10 million infections and the number doubled in the next 4 months.

There are 20 million Kovid-19 cases in India.

See a ranking of countries based on the number of cases according to Johns Hopkins University:

  • United States: 32.4 million
  • India: 20.3 million
  • Brazil: 14.8 million

3.45 million people are still ill. In the last 24 hours, there have been 357,000 new infections.

The number of deaths reached 22,400, with 3,500 new deaths (it is believed, however, that it is believed to be underreporting, and that the deaths may be up to 10 times higher).

Explosion of cases and deaths by Kovid-19 in India: Understand in 5 points

Explosion of cases and deaths by Kovid-19 in India: Understand in 5 points

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not take the national lockout out of fear of an economic downturn, but regional governments have taken restrictive steps.

Image of a hospital in India’s capital New Delhi on May 1, 2021 – Photo: Prakash Singh / AFP

The opposition called on Modi to work more forcefully to stop the epidemic. In March and April, he was criticized for allowing thousands of people to attend religious and political events without a mask.

Extreme health system

The increase in infections has put a burden on the country’s health system, which is facing the problem of lack of oxygen. There are victims who also die in ambulances or cars parked outside hospitals.

On Monday, a Health Ministry official said that in some areas the number of infections is down. The government model points to a peak in the middle of this week.

About 9.5% of the 1.35 billion population received at least one dose.

The country is experiencing a sudden drop in the number of administered vaccines. There are supply and distribution problems.

At least three states reported dose reduction.

Forecasts show that the two main vaccine producers in the country will take at least two months to increase production (the current amount is 70 million to 80 million doses per month).

India has asked Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Modern to offer contracts, but so far none of the three have done so.

Cricket League Suspension

Cricket League, the most popular sports in the country, has been suspended due to health crisis. The championship was taking place without an audience, with only TV broadcasts.

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